My Messy Room

A messy college students bedroom backgroundThe clock which is hanging at the left corner of a rooms wall is striking 10:48 pm. the ticking clock sound can be heard, which sounds like tic toc tic toc,it seems to be a silent night. A girl is sitting on her bed in the left corner of room wearing green kurti with black trouser,She is looking pale and messy just like her room.Her hair are untidy which are knot in braid which is lying on her shoulder, its appear to resemble she is carefree and relaxed. She got dark leaf shaped eyes and a oval face.Her eyebrows are knitted together and she is starring at her notebook with unblinking eyes,might be she is thinking something. She has dark circles beneath her eyes,its appear to resemble she is tired or might be restless. A university bag is wide open with all her binders and textbooks resting everywhere also her laptop is wide open in front of her with the wallpaper on the desktop of a bird sitting on the branch of a tree,may be she is doing her assignments. The room is looking terrible because things are not arranged in a proper manner. On the bed are two pillows and a large white comforter, it is by all accounts a frosty and comfortable night also a white teddy bear which is in inverted position,which appears like, now there is nobody to play with it around. On the opposite side of the bed is a large window with white curtains. On the left of the curtains, some childhood pictures  are pasted on the wall. In the very first picture, A little boy is two or three years old and he is wearing girlish clothes, he is crying, it seems like he don’t like to look like a girl. In the front side of the room, a dressing table is placed and different things are lying on it in improper manner including hair brush jewelry box, moisturizers and other makeup stuff, which looks like someone just used the dressing table. Pile of washed clothes are also there exacerbating room’s messy look. The only part that is clean and it is arranged in a proper manner is the book shelf, in which novels of different writers both in English and Urdu language are arranged in a proper manner, it appears like the young lady is just worried about her books and she is fond of reading books. The bookshelf is the only thing which seems bright and colorful in this dull room. The colorful covers of the books are poking from the bookshelf.



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